July 11, 2012


My Big Brothers! ♥

I post a lot about my brothers and how I love them so much! I guess I am just extremely thankful. I love having 2 older brothers so much. Not to mention the fact that they both happen to be amazing guys. Joe and Dave are both so different, but we have so much in common! We are so close and are always making time for each other. I feel extremely lucky to have such a great relationship with them both. We all get together for Ross kid hangout nights and have the most fun together! I never take them for granted and am beyond stoked to have them in my life.

Words can't express how much these two guys mean to me!
This photo makes me smile:) This is us doing a cheers with a Grolsch on the 10 year anniversary of my Dad passing away. He'd be so proud of them and how they take care of me and my mom! 

Joe and Dave, you guys are the best! Thank you for being you!
Brothers Rule!


  1. This is such a sweet post, I'm sure you are an awesome sister


  2. ooohh So so sweet! You guys are adorable!! I'm the oldest of 5...and we are really close as siblings. I so so know what you mean. I find myself thinking of my baby brother Walt..who is now 22 and I cry...(happy tears of course) at just what an awesome guy he is! Just so proud of him. We are lucky ducks! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Weekend!!
    Love from the NJ Shore!
    xo Jenny

    1. awwww, thanks jenny! they are the best wow, oldest of 5? that is so awesome! awwww it's so fun being a proud sis, we are soooo lucky!!!


  3. I have a big brother & we haven't been close lately I don't know what his deal is..but lucky you ! Cherish it!!! ;)


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