July 12, 2012

europe :)

♥ pete + jules : europe trip! ♥
august 2012!

Pete and I are heading to Europe on August 12th! ONE month today!!!
We're going to England & Holland! We've got lots of friends and family to stay with and see and we're beyond excited to go there for the first time :) We've already got so many fun things planned!
Have you ever been to England or Holland?
If so, do you have suggestions of places to go? Things to see?
I'd love to hear from you!
We love hearing suggestions from people about their favourite places to visit.

Can't wait to hear from you, thanks for being so awesome!


  1. We are headed to France Aug 17th :) SO stinkin excited. You are going to have a great time!!! XO!

  2. Oh that sounds so fun! I haven't gotten around to England or Holland, but one of these days!

    Have a great trip!

  3. I went to England with my family when I was 16. Make sure to go to Bath! It even made an impression on angsty 16-year-old me, that's no small feat.

  4. So exciting! I've been to both England & Holland. You'll love them both! xx

  5. Anne Frank's house is very interesting if you are going to Amsterdam! The canal tours are neat too.

  6. Oh and if you can, go to the English countryside. It's a dream.

  7. Eat a waffle in Holland and fish & chips in England!

  8. As a German and living close to both countries, I have visited them many times. The Anne frank house is a fabulous suggestions for Amsterdam and I really liked the Jan van Vermeer house in delft, NL. He was the painter of the 'Girl with the pearl earring'. Lovely.

    As for England, you might wanna check out London (of course!) and the South coast, which is lovely in summer. Go to Cornwall! Have a real English breakfast and make sure to eat where most of the locals eat. That guarantees good food and reasonable prices.

    Have fun!


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