July 22, 2012


i'm alive! (barely)
life has been so busy lately that i honestly do not have the time to blog! horrible isn't it?
i actually do miss it! i feel like i have so much to report. hoping to get some time in the next few weeks to do some fun & happy posts for ya'll

things to look forward to ;;
♥ going to EUROPE 3 weeks today!
♥ jays games!!
♥ visiting pete's family this weekend
♥ black keys + the shins concert
♥ my birthday celebration
♥ my high school reunion
♥ spending time in toronto! :)

coming up on the blog! -
+ punta cana post / all about my trip
+ cute toronto posts
+ 26 before 27 update
+ SEPTEMBER photo of the day, for instagram
+ introducing some new features etc come fall


  1. so much exciting fun things in your life. you are one very busy lady. glad you're still alive, & cute photo of you. :)

  2. Can't wait to see all your Europe pics :)

    1. yayyyy! well i only went to dominican so far, heading to europe in a few weeks!!:)


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