August 6, 2012

currently (i think you're cute)

so the love of my life, amber (aka my girl crush, the sweetest girl alive, perfection) posted a little "currently" post today and i always love reading these! i don't know if anyone cares to read this, but too friggin' bad. you're stuck now! 

loving :
toronto! okay, i always love toronto. but i am loving where we live and this incredible area. there is always more discover in this city. i love experiencing new places. and of course making new friends and going on new adventures. quite lovely!

reading :
office girl, by joe meno - i legit judged a book by it's cover when choosing this book. i think it's going to be a good one though!

watching :
alfie! it's such a cute movie. annnd, kinda sad i guess too.

anticipating :
this weekend!!! so many fun things to do. (oh and EUROPE too)

listening :
the tallest man on earth. (love, love, love) ♥

planning :
making lists and checking out some places we want to see while in holland && england! oooh yeah.

working on :
my presentation for our conference at work! trying to get everything planned & organized before i leave this weekend! trying my best to make it as positive & happy as can be :)

wishing :
i had more time! oh jeez. i've got so much to do, and so little time! stressin' out boo.

i had a great weekend! - hope you guys did too! hope my fellow canadians enjoyed their long weekend. mine was wonderful! ready to take on this week though! crushin' it! ♥


  1. I just LOVE you. Thank you for your sweet words. I loved your post, you beautiful girl.

    EEEE. I cant wait to get your letter! Have soooo much fun in Europe! I will visit one day.

    I made you something lil. :]

  2. I miss Toronto! I haven't been there since the meetup! You'll probably be off in Europe on the 18th... won't you... haha. Because I'm doing the BloorCourt Arts & Craft Street Fair! I wish you could coooooome!!! We will definitely have to hang out when you get home. Ok?

    I hope you have an amaaaaaaazing trip! So excited for you!!!!!! What day do you leave? HAVE FUN!!!

  3. Oh yah! Let me know how that book is! Because I need some new books to read! Haha.

  4. Ee you are just the cutest! This whole post just warmed my heart. You live really close to one of my good friends actually. We all seriously need to get together sometime soon!

  5. just thought I'd tell you that I just came across your blog and the design is SPECTACULAR and thats not a word I throw around, its sooo cute! :) I'll be sticking around for sure!

  6. Love these kind of posts, might do a post like this on my blog! X


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