September 12, 2012

coffee, i love you.

Bakkie Doen?
♥ ♥ ♥
so, this is happening! i am dedicating an entire post to the AMAZING coffee in europe. oh me, oh my! i am so in love. first off, i don't know how or when it happened but me and coffee totally fell in love. 
while on our travels pete & i experienced some of the most delicious and wonderful coffee bevy's. while we were in holland staying with my friends sjarde & jonas, we learned a new phrase that instantly became something we said like... 10 times a day! "bakkie doen" is dutch for something along the lines of "want a coffee?!" and the answer is YES, we do!
so for the love of coffee, and europe here are some of my coffee-esque photo's from our trip.

me enjoying a delicious cappuccino at a rooftop cafe in amsterdam! ;

red lipstick stain, always! in antwerp, belgium ;

a shot of delicious coffee&booze, our last day in amsterdam ;

we love cafe nero! such a cute coffee chain in england! mmm ;

drink! shots! in notting hill, england ;

our reward for walking for like 8 hours, iced coffee in london! ;

bakkie! at a cafe in haarlem, holland ;

it's really the whole package, cute! ;
cheers to all my coffee lovers out there!


  1. Coffee is so very deserving of a post unto itself - particularly when it's as beautifully presented as it is in your snaps! Of the countries you visited, if you haaad to say, which one would you say had the best coffee?!

    1. i agree!!! i think holland had the best!

      && yes doesn't it always look SO pretty?!

    2. Is it silly to think that the prettier coffees usually taste better?! It might actually make sense in a way - like, if someone is going to take the time to make a coffee beautiful, then they've probably taken the time to make it extra yummy, don't you think? I think we've stumbled upon something revolutionary here!

      Holland - good to know! I'll try to remember that for when I eventually get to Europe.

      Loving the coffee here in Cambo - thick and made with condensed milk - but I think Australia has my favorite coffee culture. Mmmm so good.

  2. Awesome! I bet the coffee and the views are so amazing in Europe!

  3. I loved coffee in Europe. Its a different experience there, its rare that I found anything to-go...I love that.

    Also that looks like a fresh mint tea in the Amsterdam I right? (I had one of those as well.)

    1. you are SO right. i loved the experience there, so different than in north america. i'd be doing coffee dates every day if i lived there!

      YES, it's the best! i am going to do a post just on that too!

  4. OMG yum!!

    I'm not even joking, about halfway through these photos I got up and made myself a coffee...haha, my mouth was watering so much!! The coffee in Cuba is awesome too! You & I were both late to the coffee game but ya, I'm so in love too.

    1. hahahaha YESSSS. we so were but i am so glad we are in to it now! :)

  5. Omg! you've got me craving for all sorts of coffee, right this instant! yum!


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