September 23, 2012

hello autumn. [sweet links!]

baby, i'm fallin' for you!
i wanted to post this yesterday but i was just too busy (as a bee!)
yesterday marked the first official day of autumn -- hooray!
this autumn as usual, i am looking forward to a lot of things! like i mentioned a few posts ago, i plan on doing a series of posts in a feature called "autumn love"
[if you'd like to guest post, leave a comment or email me!]

&&& now, here are a few of my favourite fall-like posts from the last week ;;
+ vanilla ginger quinoa pudding recipe from little llama  [ sounds yummy! ]
+ fall goals! by kaylah from the dainty squid  - i think i might have to post some of my own!
+ my fave cutiepie marlyn talks about her favourite fall things!
+ christa from mini baker, posted a delicious sounding recipe for sugar free chai tea!
+ pumpkin bread recipe! from that girl crochet

hope you all had an amazing weekend!


  1. I love Fall! And I love your blog :) I'm a newcomer around here!

    1. isn't it the best?! awww yay! welcome! so glad to have you here:)

  2. Happy Happy Fall to you too!!! My FAAAAAVE time of year!!!! Ahhhh!!!! :)

    Love from the NJ Shore!

  3. Hi Jules,

    This is also my favorite time of year! I would love to do a guest post regarding the season :)

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  4. How rude of me to leave out my email :) It's findthatwarmfuzzyfeeling at gmail dot com!


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