October 18, 2012

europe trip! : haarlem, holland!

Well, I am pretty behind on my Europe blog posts! (because LIFE happened) but here is my fourth one. I still have a few more to go. 

This post is all about Haarlem, Holland ♥ ♥ ♥

A little while back I posted about my dutch bestie and how we finally reuinted! eeee. When Pete and I said that we wanted to go to Europe we knew that Holland was on our list. I knew I just had to go and visit Sjarde and my other dutch friends. Not to mention I've wanted to go to Holland for what feels like forever. 

Haarlem is the cutest, sweetest little town. We stayed with Sjar & Jonas in their cute little apartment. Haarlem is about 15 minutes outside of Amsterdam and is just a smaller, cuter, quainter version of it. We went in to town and just totally explored, and I personally fell in love. There were SO many adorable little shops (I got a lot of knick knacks!) sweet stores, awesome restaurants and perfect little cafes!

Our day was spent walking, learning about Haarlem thanks to our little tour guide, taking photo's, drinking coffee, people watching, drinks at the bier market and a delicious meal!

Totally lovely place, and I am so glad I got to see it and share it with my man & my old pal.


  1. aaaaw! How fun!! It looks dreamy!!

  2. It's on mine & Mr. A's list to make it to Holland once (or thrice!). That last building is exquisite!

    Heather @ Find That Warm Feeling
    P.S.-Let me know about that guest post email :)

  3. I'm from Holland, but I've never actually visited Haarlem. I think I should change that, it looks so nice!

  4. Wow, lovely photos! I really want to visit Holland one day X


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