October 27, 2012

guest post! : a bunch of hocus pocus!

Jules has graciously welcomed me into her sweet realm, so allow myself to introduce..myself. Over the river & through the woods, Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling is the place that I call home! As a kid, my mama [she calls me Pea] taught me to find warm fuzzy feelings in every nook & cranny of my journey so that is just what I do! Now, sometimes that manifests into baking a cake at midnight or spending five minutes on the ground trying to photograph a butterfly... 

But in this case it means going hobgoblin wild for Halloween!

Once you get to know me & Mr. A you'll see that we have champagne taste but happily stick to our witch's brew budget! Last year's Witch's Den Halloween decor was a product of us being thrifty lovebirds & great fans of the movie 'Hocus Pocus'. [You haven't seen it?!? You can borrow our copy!] When this year rolled around, we figured "If the D.I.Y. broom fits, ride it!" so we expanded on last year's theme. Let's have a look around, shall we?

You can add a bit of fright to your house, without scaring your wallet, by putting these free Halloween printables into frames that you already have hanging around.

What's a cauldron without anything to put in it? [Two coats of black acrylic paint on the inside transformed this thrift store fish bowl into a bonafide cauldron!] Create some of these potion jars to add a pinch of hex to your spells. [The grotesquely decomposing eels, which are just pretzel sticks that have gone soggy in water, are Mr. A's favorite piece of decor!]

This spell book was my favorite bit of magic that I conjured! I aged some crinkled paper with leftover coffee, let it dry &  printed a spell that I crafted using free fonts from Dafont & free images from deviantART. 

How about keeping that poison apple right where you can find in case someone makes the mistake of crossing you?

If you can stomach it, give these creepy critters a free pass to invade your lair in honor of All Hallow's Eve!

Do you have crayons? Well, then these candles could be at your fingertips. With this Black Flame Candle, you're ready for a dash of Hocus Pocus! [I'm serious like an enchantment whispered under the full moon, watch. that. movie. If you have any complaints, ...you won't, you know where to find me!] I hope this inspires you to create some of your own thrifty spook! Head over to my land of warm fuzzy feelings & pull up a chair. I've got a glass of witch's brew waiting here for you.

Oh, and one more thing... Have a great day on purpose! [P.S.- How divine is this replica of Winnifred Sanderson's Spell Book? I would foam at the mouth at the thought of owning something like it!]

Thanks so much Heather!!! :)

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  1. Thank you, kind lady, for having me!! I'm so honored to say that my first guest spot was on a platform as lovely as yours. You're welcome to guest post over at my place anytime :)

    PS-Keep your head & spirit up regarding your injury.

    Heather @ Find that Warm Fuzzy Feeling


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