October 27, 2012

the time something really shitty happened.

yesterday morning i was walking to work, as i do every day (monday-friday) and i grabbed  my morning coffee, i walked around to a different exit, as i was walking down the steps, i missed the last step, fell flat on my face..and rolled my ankle.
i got up really quick and walked outside, it really fucking hurt.

i hobbled to work, made it to the top of the stairs, sat down at reception and started balling my eyes out!
lolz. oh dear. my co-workers are all friggin' amazing and adorable. they went out to get me ice, examined my foot, wheeled me to my desk on a rolly chair and had me on a tight schedule of elevating my foot, icing on and off on a 30 minute schedule.  RICE!

my foot still hurt, but was feeling a bit better. i figured i had just rolled my ankle and would be in pain for a few days, but decided i wanted to go to the hospital just to be sure. my manager drove me to the hospital and stayed with me (he's the best!) the staff there were incredibly nice i was so impressed.

after the doctor saw me i got some x-rays done. i had to wait for the results. the doctor called me back in to tell me i had cracked a bone in my foot. FML!!! he told me i was going to need crutches and a splint to start. monday i have to go see a specialist to see if i need a hard cast or a walking boot. (gross either way) i think he was really getting a kick out of me based on how much he laughed at all my reactions. ohhhhh jeez.

i've never broken a bone or been seriously injured in my life so i definitely consider myself pretty lucky. but i am so sad. it's halloweekend and i am most definitely in no condition to go out. looks like mary poppins won't be coming out tonight. it's one of my besties birthday's and i am going to miss it, and i am also missing a huge training session for work and am so sad about that.

i need to try and keep my spirits up. if you read this blog you know i focus my life on being positive. well, this is the first obstacle i've had in a while and it's going to be a huge challenge for me. 
i'm always on a schedule, i've got things to do, people and places to see and not being able to do some of those things will NOT be easy for me.

while talking to pete's mom last night (love her) she mentioned that this is a time i can do some things i never have the time for and i should take advantage of that. and she's right! there are still a lot of things i can do during the next 4-6 weeks (sigh)

pete has been taking good care of me. brining me advil and water, breakfast in bed, propping up my pillows, being the cutest cutester ever. today i need to perk the fuck up. i am going to start with making a huge list of fun things i can do (while sitting down, lol) i think my first project is going to be decorating my crutches with ribbon and sparkles!

today i'm in a lot of pain, my foot and leg are throbbing. i can barely stand, and i am attempting to use crutches. wish me luck! it can only get better from here. 


  1. Oh man I am sorry. Thats no fun. I broke my toe two years ago the day before Halloween, It hurt a lot, it was so broken I had to have surgery two months later, I still went out though I just wore slippers and avoided high heels. I was in the hospital one year for Halloween and it bummed me out but maybe just eat pumpkin things and watch Halloween shows and it won't be too bad! When I was in the Hospital we had a costume party when I was feeling better so I could still wear my costume. Maybe you could do something like that!!

    I want to see a picture of your crutches. I am always decorating mine!! Last year they were glow in the dark, right now one is a boy and the other is a girl. Hahahaha!

  2. I can't believe you walked all the way to work afterwards! Yes staying positive will be best for you and make your injury heal faster! Feel better!

  3. so sorry this happened to you julie! :( wishing you happy healing. :)

  4. Get better pretty lady! Rest that foot up good and proper and take advantage of the bad situation ;)

  5. Oh my gosh that sounds horrible!! I am so sorry :/ When I had surgery on my arm I was laid out for almost two months, definitely take the time to read all the books you want, learn a language on Rosetta Stone or catch up with people you haven't talked to in a while! Keep on being positive, you are so good at that :)

  6. You poor thing :( I hope you find lots of fun, creative things to do during your recovery time. I'm sure you will :) Perfect excuse to snuggle up and watch movies!

  7. You can do this Jules! Coming from a lady who's been on bedrest for the past four months..YOU GOT THIS! You have the right mentality, "Do what you can at the moment!" It also helps to have a lovely gentleman to tend to you. Us lucky girls are so grateful for that :)

    My latest project is working on getting my photography up for sale on Zenfolio. It's been an item on my dream list for a while. No time like the present to go get it!(from the loveseat, of course!)

    Looking forward to seeing those crutches! Oh! Another thing to be grateful for: crutches! The day before I had them for slicing my foot open on a bike spoke as a kid, I had to crawl around the house hahahahaha

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  8. You poor thing! What terrible timing. Glad you have someone looking after you though, and I definitely look forward to seeing your decorated crutches :) Like other people have already said, maybe it will give you a chance to do something you've wanted to do for a while like read that book or do some crafts :) Hope you heal quickly xx

  9. sorry to hear about that!m youll be a pro on the crutches in no time ! :)

    Jenn xo

  10. I am so sorry to hear that, schedule issues aside, it must hurt like a beetch! I like your thinking though, I want to see your crutches if you do decoraet them ;)


  11. <3 feeeel better!
    let me know if you need a visit!


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