October 14, 2012

we got fancy!

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Pete and I recently went to an awesome event downtown Toronto! The event was called "Artist 2 Artist" and it was 5 artists who created something that started with a bottle! The iconic & beautiful blue Bombay Sapphire bottle. - The first artist looked at the bottle and created a painting that was inspired by it, after that each artist was inspired by the piece of art created before them. It was so awesome to see the end result that each artist had created! 

The venue was gorgeous and the ladies who put on the party were as sweet as can be! I was so honoured to be invited to such a creative and inspiring event. Pete and I had so much fun! We got fancy! Everyone who was there looked wonderfully stylish. It was a seriously awesome vibe.

The drinks were so delicious. The bar tenders were great and made the best drinks! I tried all of the cocktails (obvs) and they were so crafty. They were all made with gin and had fun things added like - fresh mint, lime, pineapple, black tea, pepper, mmm! :) Not to mention the delicious food! Oh.My.God.

I think I will post those drink recipes soon for you all to try!

It was so inspiring to be around so many creative people and see where they got their inspiration from! I must say, the fact that this little blog gave me the chance to attend something like this is also very amazing to me. I am looking forward to attending more in the near future :) && of course sharing my experience on my blog! :)

Here are some photos of the event! Such an awesome night! Glad we got to be a part of it!

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  1. Looks like it was an awesome night! Those drinks sound sooo good.


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