November 3, 2012

autumn love!

It's time for another "Autumn Love" guest post! Hooray for Autumn!
The lovelyyyy Louise from "the heart beats faster" has joined us today, sharing her love for Autumn! 
Check out her blog! It's so cute. She's so crafty & makes delicious things :)
Some of her favourite Autumn-y things! (I couldn't agree more)
I really need a yummy coffee, especially after seeing the photo below [mmmm]
I’ve loved autumn for as long as I can remember. Some of my favourite memories are from when I was young: crunching through autumn leaves, picking blackberries, going for long walks wrapped up in a coat, gloves and scarf, coming home to warm bowls of homemade soup, and all the fun and excitement of Halloween. 
We would buy a pumpkin and carve a scary face on it, then leave it glowing in the window, lit up by the candle hidden inside. My Mum, Dad and I would play apple bobbing, where apples are placed in a large bowl of water and you must attempt to get one out using only your teeth. In the afternoons we would all eat buttered and toasted barmbrack and hope to be the lucky one who would find the ring in their slice. Traditional barmbrack has five items hidden inside: a stick, a pea, a piece of cloth, a coin and a ring, each with a different meaning. This year, I’m going to make my own barmbrack with two of my Irish friends.
I love walking around at this time of year as the trees are turning and shedding their leaves: there are always so many beautiful colours and contrasts. I’m lucky enough to live right beside the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, and it is stunning at the moment. This year, our pumpkins are sitting in the hallway ready to be carved: it’s my boyfriend’s first time doing it so we decided to get one each and see who can make the scariest face. And I’m looking forward to the rest of this wonderful season: hopefully it will be full of pumpkin spice lattes and lots of long walks spent kicking through crunchy fallen leaves in the local parks.

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