November 12, 2012


oh hi! & happy monday!
tonight i am trying something new. just a fun way to update the blog & have some prompts for fun responses :) feel free to post it on your blog too :)

something i am happy about - i had my check up at the hospital today and the doctor said i am healing well. he said as soon as i can walk on my foot without pain that i can switch over to wearing a shoe to re-build the muscles in my foot. this makes me really excited! hopefully i will be wearing shoes in a week or so.

something i am looking forward to - (so much!) but if i have to pick, sleepover weekend this week with my besties + our annual santa claus parade hangout day! eeeee :)

something fun - pony chops's blog is SO cute, i LOVE her digital portaits!

something cute - my niece ivy! pete and i babysat her yesterday, she is the BEST! :)

something positive - you are all absolutely wonderful!

something to do - make my christmas lists! things to do, party to-do's, cards to send, gifts to buy!

something i am listening to - justin bieber's christmas album (omg, i die for it)

something worth sharing - and epic giveaway over at oh so lovely vintage!

something i am reading - canadian living christmas edition magazine

something i am watching - the walking dead! pete and i finally got in to it, and we are actually obsessed. lovingggg it.


  1. julie you look smashing! hooray about your foot healing, & all the fun things you're looking forward to. i know how much you love christmas. :)

  2. I listened Happy Monday firstly in my life as Mondays are mostly not happy :/
    The Walikng dead is amaaaaaazing :D


  3. Oooh! I think I'm going to take this idea and do it on my blog! Come check it out, sweet Jules! xoxo

  4. I think it's such a great idea to write down the things that make you happy :D your blog makes me happy!

    I hope your foot is feeling better!


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