December 31, 2012

smiles from 2012! :)

2012 was another wonderful year!
things that happened in 2012 :) [ based on my some what fading memory ] :

- our pals cynthia & paolo got married, & had the most beautiful wedding ever!
- we celebrated my grandpa's 90th birthday (omgggg!) it was the cutest.
- continued with little monthly goals which i love doing! keeps me motivated!
- i won a free flight anywhere in north america from work [that i still have to use!!]
- did some big wedding cupcake orders ♥
- i met HANSON! who i have loved since i was 12 years old!
- went to blogpodium, totally loved it and got to meet some amazing bloggers.
- celebrated my dad's life// had a memoriam on may 13th, the 10 year anniversary of him passing
- had some wonderful cottage weekends!
- had some very close & amazing friends get engaged!!:)
- celebrated 4 incredible years with pete! ♥
- moved in to a new position at work! something SO perfect for me! (the highlight of my year for sure) so happy :)
- travelled to quebec city & punta cana for work!
- had lots of toronto adventures, which brought on a lot of "cute toronto" posts
- went to europe with my babe! BEST trip ever! so perfect
- helped plan my niece's 1st birthday party, celebrated with the fam! it was perfect.
- got invited to some events in toronto thanks to this sweet little blog! i love going to these:) 
- spent lots of time with family, friends, co-workers & the boy
- laughed, smiled, giggled!

tomorrow i will post some of my favourite blog posts from 2012 && my 2013 goals!

also, i always get a total kick out of the search words for my blog, the one honestly had me lol-ing last night, someone found this blog by typing "best curvy body" in to google. hahahaha :)

pete & i are heading to my brother dave's (+ mikey's!) place, where my other brother joe, his wife linds, & my niece ivy will be to hang. and then, we are coming home...making a steak dinner, drinking wine, eating cheese, popping bubbly and spending new years with just the 2 of us, which i am over the moon about! perfect. perfect way to end a great year, and start an even better one!



  1. We went to Europe this year as well! Isn't it fabulous? :)

  2. you met Hanson??? <3
    ahhhhh love them! hehehe :P
    sounds like a wonderful list for a wonderful year!
    hope 2013 is even better x

    1. YES! and i totally died, lol. i was so exctied!
      thanks so much love! hope 2013 is amazing for you too!!


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