January 7, 2013

it's a dream until you write it down...

& then it's a goal.

ok, so my favourite part of of starting a new year is setting goals for myself. i'm already very focused on goals throughout the year, including monthly goals i've been doing for about a year now. i get so excited to think of new challenges for myself for the year!

i've loved reading all of your posts on looking at 2012 and your goals for 2013! i know some people might be tired of reading these, but i personally get inspired but reading other peoples inspirations for the new year. we all learn from each other and inspire each other in this little blogging community so it only make sense that some of us might have similar goals. it takes me a long time to master a list which is why i didn't post my list until now! ok here we go!

2013 is going to be an amazing year, i just have this feeling.
  • start an etsy shop! [this is a huge one for me] i've wanted to start a shop for years now but didn't know exactly what i'd focus on // sell - i decided this year i am going to work at doing something i have always wanted to do, which is make my own greeting cards! it will take some time to get things going & have them for sale, but it's something i am going to work at!
  • read more books!
  • take more baths // pamper myself more!
  • focus time & energy on making this blog all i want it to be!! :)!
  • buy more fresh flowers*
  • try & become more of a morning person! WAKE UP!
  • go to chicago! :) 
  • make some new friends
  • give more hugs!!
  • take more photo's with my DSLR [go out & take photos once a month]
  • focus a lot on the "cute toronto" part of my blog(!!!)
  • shop at local markets more often!
  • learn the basics of photoshop
  • host friends & family at our place more
  • visit new york (again!)
  • do all the things on my "toronto list"!
  • hit the gym on a regular basis, all year.
  • learn more about the world!
  • go to a music festival.
  • drink more water, eat more fruits & vegetables // eat fresh!
  • create a buget & follow it. focus on saving and minimizing my spending [me & everyone else apparently. haha, shit]
  • interact with fellow bloggers more! i always read blogs, but don't comment enough. i know how happy i get when i get comments, so i want to start commenting more! & always responding to my own blog comments i get. ((you guys are the best!))
  • compliment strangers more
  • start a street style fashion segment on my blog!
  • start leaving more anonymous love around the city :)
  • read & watch  more educational thing
  • create more!
  • change your thoughts // change your world!


  1. Love your list! I also really want to start an online shop to sell prints and my art and whatever else. Lets do this! :D

    Frances xo

  2. first that picture is beautiful! Second, I looove the list. 2013 is going to be magic :)

    1. awwww, thanks girly!!! i feel good about the list and most of all about 2013!! magic!!!

  3. I love all of your goals! I totally agree that 2013 will be a fabulous year. I am counting on it. :)

    -Jenn V

  4. These are all great goals! You inspire me!


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