January 4, 2013

lolz. come have a giggle!

it's friday, fridayyyy! tgif!

hey ya'll! so, i think i want to start a new segment on my blog which i personally think will be REALLY funny, because they are to me! 

it's going to be about how people find my blog! it's pretty hilarious. if you don't already check this, you need to start because it's awesomeeeeee.
  • beatles comforter
  • homesense cookbooks
  • 27 things before 28
  • best curvy body (omfg, is this real life?)
  • boys with glasses tumblr
  • city of quebec
  • cute nerd boys
  • cute nerdy boys
  • dorky guys
ok. the secret is out! i like skinny, nerdy boys with glasses! hahaha:)


  1. haha city of quebec? also, best curvy bod...DUH!

    also how do you check this? i wanna do this!!

  2. omg i figured it out and just blogged mine. too funny! our friday nights are awesome...obviously.

  3. Oh my , Tumblr boys , oooooh *jaw dropped*

    Aree With Umbrella

  4. Hahahaha! I love checking this on my blog! One of them is 'medieval torture'. WHAT??!!!

    This post made me giggle!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)