January 5, 2013

saturday morning thoughts&things

happy saturday, gorgeous! 
as i am snuggled up in blankets, drinking a delicious skinny vanilla latte made in our new tassimo coffee maker (omg, best thing ever) i wanted to post a few saturday morning thoughts. here are a few new & fun things, or awesome things found on the internet this week!

i just started a facebook page! i am so excited about it, and i would love you (even more than i already do) if you would go and "like" the life of a cupcake on facebook!

my favourite blogger of all time, naomi from the rockstar diaries, posted a photo of her rings she had made for her hubby and 2 adorable babies! i want a "jules" and "pete" one! precious! rings are from silver promo  // hey pete, valentine's day is coming up ;) (lolz)

ok so, the lovely kait from miss kait online posted her goals for 2013, and #10 is the sweetest thing ever. kait, you are so sweet and that was such an amazingly kind thing to say! kait's 10th goal read :
10. Be more like Julie.  She’s seriously the cutest, happiest girl I have ever met. She’s so inspiring and her mood is totally contagious when you’re around her.  Her attitude and approach to life is just so refreshing.
my girl carly from miss teacups also posted about kait's post, and her motto 'WWJRD' (what would julie ross do?) hahaha, oh carly, i love it & i love YOU!!!

ok so my new love in life is the show GIRLS, how was it taken me this long to discover this love? my brother + mikey got me the first season on dvd and i plowed through it in a couple of days! can't wait to watch more! it's so hilarious and real, and i love new york!

have you entered my giveaway yet? this pretty little fish eye camera could be yours! all you have to do is comment, click HERE for the original post to enter!!


  1. Those rings are great. I've thought about doing a FB page for my blog. Sometime when I have extra time, maybe I'll do 1.

  2. Great links! I watched one episode of Girls and loved it, but sadly haven't seen more.

  3. I liked your page!!! And Girls is an awesome show! Can't wait for January 13th!

  4. OOOoooo! Fisheye lens! Good times!


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