March 31, 2013


happy easter, loves!
so, i guess when i said i was ready to start blogging again about .....9 days ago i was wrong! haha:) life picked right back up where it was before & i was busy as a bee the last few weeks. 
i realize things will continue to be busy but i am looking forward to making time to update this little blog. so here we go...
+ it's finally been feeling like spring the last few days in toronto. this has honestly been the longest winter of all time. we are so ready for it to be over!
+ the leafs are playing so amazing & that makes me very happy
+ got to see my niece ivy 2 days in a row!
+ gearing up for a nice big spring cleaning session
+ paris is in less than 2 months, and i am beyond excited!
+ going to make some sweet april goals :)
+ walking dead finale tonight. (omfg)

how are YOU? happy easter! i miss you guys!


  1. You have a pretty desk! I wouldn't mind winter- where I'm from, it's usually always sunny. And you are so lucky you are going to Paris in 2 months. That is my dream- one day....-Jessica L

  2. I am happy you are back to blogging!

  3. Your pictures always make me so happy :) It WAS nice here in Toronto (as you know) but how are you liking the weather these past two days? BLAH I say!! :)


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