March 9, 2013

this little life of mine.

oh hey guys, hey!
these last few weeks have been so busy. it's trip season at work so i've been working late every night and worked today and work tomorrow too. i am glad i love my job & co-workers! :)
i feel like i have not had any time to work on my blog so i feel a bit disconnected! 
i hope you're all well. here are a few life updates
  • i'm getting so beyond excited about paris with pete! may is going to come very fast so we've got some planning & stuff to do. i can't wait to share this adventure with you all! :)
  • i'm going to be bridesmaid in september! so excited. i think this will be the...6th wedding i've been in, so i kind of think of myself as a pro at all this.
  • just found out some more friends are engaged! congrats matt&allison!, and janine&jesse!
  • spring has (kind of) sprung in toronto! today was such a beautiful day, got me too excited!
  • some how our summer is already filling up! (what? this is insane, it's not even spring yet!)
  • i'm so exhausted and wanted to stay in tonight and cuddle and watch movies but have already been persuaded in to going out tonight #partygirl
how are you guys? comment & say hi! xo


  1. have fun you little party girl!! :)

  2. I've been in 5 weddings! 6 if you count my you pretty much are a pro at that point! lol xo


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)