April 1, 2013

april goals

i'm baaaaack, bitches!
it's about time i get organized & get back at it.
i am starting with some monthly goals! took a solid break in march & i feel refreshed!


- take my DSLR out on some adventures!
- start planning our paris trip
- get back in to my blogging groove
- host a party // gathering at our place
- mail 5 surprise cards/letters in the mail
- fruits & veggies, EAT EM ALL
- get paid ad space set up for may
- go to target! (we have it in canada now!)
- keep up with at home work outs with pete (we started tonight!!)
- do a niceeee big spring clean of our place :)
- spend time outside when ever i possibly can!
- have a sing-a-long night with pete while he plays guitar
- complete my __ things to do before i turn __ list

do you have any goals for april?


  1. Ooooh I like the Target one! Where is the nearest one to downtown?

  2. I need to set some attainable goals for myself in April...March I didn't do so well!!! It always feels good when you are able to cross some things off of your list :)

  3. Speaking of target http://instagram.com/p/XKcZMXNo7h/

  4. That is a lovely list! I am excited to do things outside as well and get a good spring cleaning on. I am also going to Canada (Vancouver, B.C.) for the first time next week which is exciting!

  5. This sounds like you are going to have a perfect April :-) I'm with ya n the veggies one! I love spending time outside and spring cleaning too.

    XO Jenna

  6. Paris? eeeee <3 how exciting!
    i definitely need to finish my spring clean!
    i'm almost there ;)
    Cheray x


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