April 7, 2013

[happy] sunday!

oh hey there! 
i have to say, i'm feeling REFRESHED!
i had a great & very low key weekend. i didn't do too much social life wise, but i am feeling pretty darn good about taking this weekend to get back in my groove.

i know it sounds silly but sometimes i actually need to just stop myself from making plans and doing too much. i love seeing all my amazing friends, co-workers, family and spending time with my boy but sometimes i just over-do it and end up feeling exhausted. this weekend i proved i can just "relax"

friday night my pal sarah came over and we drank wine & planned some things for her wedding (i'm a bridesmaid! yay!), saturday pete & i went to target and it was pretty sweet, i managed to get some cute stuff. we went for dinner & watched the leafs! and then starting our spring cleaning last night (wild saturday night for sure) today i cleaned most of the day, went out for a nice long walk & a coffee, and then pete and i did a nice big grocery shop! i love having our fridge stocked with fruits, veggies and stuff for the week! + of course fresh flowers, always. we made a delicious dinner and i already made my salad for lunch tomorrow an pre-chopped all the veggies for the rest of the week. (gettin' fit!)

if you've emailed me & i haven't gotten back to you - i will write back soon, promise! i am a bit behind on my email right now, but i didn't forget about you :)

going to do my workout, shower & then read.

can't wait to start another amazing week! hope you guys have an amazing one.


  1. Yes! I'm also feeling so refreshed and ready for the week. Don't you love great weekends where you can relax and rejuvenate?


  2. thank you so much for putting my button up. I'll be forever grateful. hope you have more days like this. :)

  3. I love having fresh veggies and fruit in the fridge too! Such a great feeling :)

    Glad to hear that Target was good!


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