April 29, 2013

your new favourite blogs!

Oh Monday, I'm glad you're almost over!

So, for the month of April I offered FREE ad space for fellow bloggers! I wanted to do something fun, and nice for my followers & friends if they were willing. I said no matter who you were or how successful your blog was, I wanted to share the love! :)
Blogging is a lot of work. We do it because we love it! But I know what it's like to feel like nobody reads your blog or cares about your posts. I know it's rough when you're starting out and don't get much response from your blog. I hope I was able to help someone out on getting their blog some exposure! All these girls are SO sweet & you should check them out!!! LOVE /// The sweet babes...

♥ Sarah! // New Wave Domesticity

I am a wannabe housewife who is absolutely in love with the all things domestic.  New Wave Domesticity is devoted to that love & finding a new wave of domestic determination & homemaking.  I write about all the little details that make that make a home - thrifting, recipes, craft projects, and more.  I also share a bit of my own personal adventures, travels, and goals along the way.  I hope you come by for a visit sometime!

Since my childhood my mama has encouraged me to seek out life's warm fuzzy feelings in every nook & cranny. Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling is where I focus on my wayward journey rather than my unknown destination. 1 Part Silly + 1 Part Heartwarming + 1 Part Photographic = My Warm Fuzzy Lifestyle. I'm a picture taking, book reading, French fry seeking, people watching, cake baking kind of warm & fuzzy feeling hunter. What kind are you? Come on over to my place & tell me! Bring snacks. [Preferably fries.]

A paragraph about your blog & what it's all about! - Plain Language Marketing is a blog dedicated to helping micro and small business owners and bloggers improve their website one tip at a time. PLM will not post long complicated posts, but simple posts that have 1 tip. Take 20 minutes a week to read them and soon your website will be stronger and have better search results. Follow them on Facebook.

♥ Dixx! // I Meow Life

Before this blog I had one that was quite sad, I was complaining a lot and such, so I said to myself no more of that. I need to be more positive and write about pretty and more happy things. Between outfit posts at the beginning and what I'm doing everyday, I try to have a little of everything, so you'll find music, some DIYs, some recipes, memories and personal posts. Slowly I'm starting to feel more confident in the bloggers world, I'd like to think I'm overcoming my shyness and that's the best thing I could ask for.

♥ Sarah! // The Laughing Medusa

 I'm a currently-purple-haired freelance writer and magazine writer from Ontario, Canada. I believe in living vibrantly and I'm constantly trying to cultivate joy & inspiration - I call it my urban pixie lifestyle. The Laughing Medusa is a personal lifestyle blog where I document my adventures, travelling across the globe collecting stories and tattoos. I share easy, clean recipes; natural skincare secrets; easy DIY projects; personal style, and lots of inspiration.

♥ Kacie! // Mama Case

I started blogging during my pregnancy to remember things that would rapidly escape my brain. Now I blog because I'm really terrible at keeping a baby book. I stay home with my kiddo but with a budding screen printing business on Etsy, I seem to never stop working. Life looks really different than it did a few years ago but it's so good. Check us out. My baby's really cute so it's totally worth it.

♥ Becky! // Seductive Mania

Paragraph about me: Hi friends! I'm Becky! Just a culinary grad, Canadian living in Australia with a love of everything sweet, silly, and seductive. Seductive Mania comes from the confusing, yet attractive insanity that goes on in the minds of everyone you meet. Follow my journey of self-discovery, craftiness, cooking masterpieces, and general disasters that are sure to ensue. xo!


  1. Definitely checking all of these out! Thank you for the new blog inspiration!

  2. Thank you, Jules, for letting us ladies step up on your platform & give our lil' speeches! Happy to be here & I'll take great care of your readers when they head over to see my world.

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling


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