May 8, 2013

love, love, love!

happy wednesday!
i've been feelin' a bit under the weather the last few days, but workin' on getting better asap before my trip to PARIS, which is in 5 sleeps!!! :)  [ not that i'm counting... ]

thanks to everyone who emailed me about guest posting! i have some amazing babes who will be around these parts while i'm on my adventures! so excited about this.

pete left for his trip on saturday, and it feels like i haven't seen him in forever! it was his birthday on monday while he was in france so - happy birthday baaaaaabe, wish i was there with you! wow, life is so boring without him here! i go to bed early every night, and just putter around here, then check my email to see if he's written a new one to me. lolz, pathetic i know! after 5 years! hehe :)

anyway, just a little post to say i love my boyf & can't wait to see him very soon!
hope you're all doing AWESOME.


  1. Wow only 5 days left, that's super exciting!

  2. 5 days?? Exciting!! Hope you feel better very soon! :)

  3. OH NO!! get better soon! you can't be sick for Paris!!!
    XO Samantha


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