June 9, 2013

sunday's daily dose of cute!

i had such a busy & awesome weekend // just had a bath and am winding down with the babe before calling it night pretty early. got a really busy week ahead of us for sure.

it's time for one of my favourite new features!
a daily dose of cute! ♥
[ some super cute things i found on the internet machine ]

i'm totally in to gardening lately, and melanie from my billie designs made the cutest lil' herb garden!
a summer sale for the indie darling shop! mandy is so awesome & so very talented! so much cute.
i think that lyzi from being little is as cute as button! one of my new favourite blogs for sure:)
okay, not gonna lie. i am kinda in love with oh hello friend! how perfect are these little cuties?
this do it yourself ombre hair bow is absolutely adorable + so is the love design and sunshine blog!


  1. I liiike! Mel's herb garden is so uber cute, it makes me want to have my own!!!


  2. Lovely things!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)