July 31, 2013

[ honey, i'm home ]

(image made by me♥)
oh hello there, remember me? anyone? i sure hope so!
it's been a while, blogfrens. 24 days to be exact.

i meant to do a post before heading on my thailand adventure but time just flew by.
i don't even know where to start ; this trip was one of the greatest adventures of my life for sure. i feel so incredibly thankful that i was chosen to go and will be forever grateful. ♥

// on july 15th, me and 17 of my co-workers headed on our (very) long journey to thailand! we did so much and experienced so many different things while we were there. i plan on posting lots of photo's and more about our trip, but for now i will just say - the trip was incredible, the scenery was beautiful, the culture was amazing, the itinerary was full of adventures, but most of all the people were absolutely perfect. i knew all of these people before the trip as we all work together, but the bond we formed during this trip was like no other. we looked out for each other, we experienced so much together, we laughed, we danced, we explored, and we had nothing but love! my heart is so full. i feel so lucky :)

on as side note, i got really sick with a travel bug on the way home and have not been able to get out of bed really since saturday morning. had to go to the hospital, but got some medication that has been working (thank goodness) - today i am starting to feel human and with that am now able to gush about my trip of a lifetime! i am really excited to get blogging again, and i hope you are all doing amazing.

say hi! i miss you guys!


  1. Yay! You're back. I have been waiting for you to return and to share lots of pics!! I saw a few on instagram today! Love them!!!!
    XO Samantha

  2. Sounds amazing! I can't wait to see the photos!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)