August 11, 2013

reflecting on the last year.

So, my 29th birthday is in less than a week. I am definitely looking forward to the next year and all it has to offer, but I thought I oughtta reflect on my 28th year and some cool things that happened. This is something I like to do because it gives me a reason to dig deeper in to my year and realize how lucky I've been (which by the way is really lucky)

A lot of incredible things happened this year but to narrow it down I picked some of my favourite moments! Here we go...

I celebrated my 28th birthday to Haarlem, Holland with Pete, my dutch bestie Sjarde and her bf Jonas. It was beyond special for me to celebrate in a new country and get to spend time with some incredible people who made the day absolutely perfect for me. Below is me in Amsterdam on my 28th birthday! :)

In my 28th year I...

Visited Holland (finally) for the first time! ;
Went on a road trip to Belgium with my bestieee ;
Visited England for the first time! Stepped on Abbey Road!, went to London, Liverpool (stayed at "a hard days night and experienced BEATLE WEEK) & Manchester (for a united game!) ;
Celebrated my nieces 1st Birthday! + helped plan the cutest party ;
Had yet another perfect Christmas with the fam ♥ ;
Stayed in for NYE with Pete, made an amazing dinner and drank a $1000 bottle of wine! ;
Went to the cabin in the middle of winter for what was one of my favourite weekends in the past year! ;
Explored & blogged about some of my fave spots in Toronto ;
Went to PARIS with Pete! Such an amazing trip! ;
Got chosen to go to Thailand with 17 of my co-workers! My trip of a lifetime! ;

life is good // i am so happy! :)

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  1. You have had an amazing year!!! Life really is good :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)