September 25, 2013

hosting some blogger babes

This past Saturday I hosted a few pretty ladies at my place for wine, snacks and "blog talk" - it was kind of our own Toronto blogger meet up/hangout/non-conference.

I love hosting (like, so much) and if I could do it every day I would. Ok, maybe not every day but every weekend maybe?! So, I was more than happy to host my girls. We were missing a few of the gals, but next time hopefully everyone can come. Here is who I got to hangout with ;

Carly // Miss Teacups

We caught up on life, had some good girl talk, drank wine, ate snacks and talked about blogs and bloggers. We all talked about how we've neglected our blogs the last while and hope to get things going again (here I go!) -- It's fun that I've met some awesome and talented people through blogging, it makes me realize I want to keep doing it as long as I am still enjoying it and having fun (no matter how many followers or comments I get)

That morning I went to the market and got some beauuuutiful fresh flowers, pumpkins, olives,  veggies, bread and cheese. I can't help but go all out!

on the menu //
olives + olives stuffed with goat chesese
kettle corn
veggies + dip
cheese (jalapeno havarti) + boursin (thanks mel!)
ciabatta + olive bread
nacho's + homemade guac
kettle chips + homemade onion dip
ciabatta with fig, goat cheese, walnut & cracked black pepper

Here are a few photo's from the shindig. Loved seeing you beautiful ladies! ♥


  1. Omggg you are sooo cute! I've always lived at home or rented a room & in a few months me & my bf are getting a house & I can't wait to do things like this! You do everything with love & that says a lot about your character! PS: LOVE the wine tags!! So cute & creative!!! XOXO

  2. I had so much fun! You are the best hostess. Man, I could totally go for some of that cheese & those goat cheese stuffed olives... yum! Haha. We will have to do it again SOON! I have so much fun hanging out with all you guys. Thanks so much for having us over, Jules!

  3. Eeek! You guys are the cutest. So bummed I had to work so crazy early the next day and couldn't make it! Next time for sure!!

    I'm off starting the first weekend of Nov for a week and the 2nd weekend so we'll def have to try and organize something for then or even sooner! :)

  4. awww so lucky you gals live in the same city! <3


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