September 7, 2013

[ the little things ]
// i took this photo about a month or so again the day after a friends wedding! she was giving away the centre pieces and they were so beautiful i couldn't pass them up. i took it a part and made my own arrangements out of my favourite flowers! && threw in a few of my favourite candle holders too.

lately i've been reminding myself how important the little things in life are. 
i've always loved the little simple things but i often get so busy i just kind of forget they even happened. this is going to be a season of remembering the little things! like how happy it makes me to have fresh flowers in our place, light a candle, or just dance around on saturday at 4pm (my life right now)

off to a bachelorette for one of my bestie's! axe throwing! wish me luck! lolz :)

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  1. I've been really trying hard to concentrate and focus on the little things, make them larger than they seem because they often are :)

    Axe throwing, wtf?? LOL


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