September 4, 2013

tis the season for us bloggers!

oh baby, oh baby!
it's almost here. fall is in the air! autumn love is all around and no one is happier about it then us bloggers. >> but honestly, right? there is just something about this season that inspires so many of us ♥ - for me it's a lot of things. the smell, the weather, the adorable style, the pumpkin everything, the way the city changes, the inspiration, and the idea of a fresh start!

autumn inspires me to get creative, and to post on this little blog of mine. from what i've seen in the past 4 or 5 years of blogging, this is OUR season! bloggers LOVE autumn and so do i.

so let's crush this! 
// coming soon;
♥ recipes
♥ outfit posts
♥ toronto street style posts
♥ autumn DIY'S
♥ guest posts
♥ inspirational posts

are you ready for the season of all seasons?
i sure am :)


  1. I am excited! I love fall. We still have a couple weeks left of summer, but once October is here I have lots of blog ideas for fall!! Especially coffee-drink related. Those are my favorite. :)

    Jenn V

  2. Wow! we don't have fall season in my country. Soounds exciting!

  3. I am so excited for all your autumn posts! It really is a lovely season - I can't wait to make soups and drink tea!


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