October 6, 2013

October is going to be a good month.

Happy Sunday, Loves ♥
I am extra happy about this Sunday, because not only do I really have nothing to do, but it's rainy and gloomy and the perfect day to just relax -- I love when this happens. Don't you?!

Before I knew it, it was October and better yet almost a week in already. I haven't really been able to do monthly goals for a few months but I thought this is a good month to start back up! I like blogging about them because instead of just writing them down, I feel more inclined to complete them since I've decided to tell the internet about them.

Here are a few little goals for this month :
- try 3 new dinner recipe's that i've saved from chatelaine & canadian living
- go through all my clothes & shoes and fill up 2 bags for our clothing drive at work
- start using a planner to pre-schedule my blog posts
- meet with my fave girl/creative director of life ames (to work on some fun things i have coming up!)
- compile enough cute stuff for my upcoming "favourite things" giveaway
- start meal planning! [ for our lunches + dinners ]
- create a budget -- now that i've got a break from all the weddings for a few months...
- send a surprise package to someone
- have an unplugged night
- start a daily food + money journal
- come up with ideas for my first ever table at a craft show!

Happy October! Do you have any goals for this month?


  1. I know you are so right! Well this month I am going to Lucky Fabb so that is a major goal!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  2. Inspired to get things done now!

    My goals:
    Get a part-time job and create my budget so I can afford a field trip to Belize in May
    Embrace the last two weekends I have with my boyfriend before we become a "long-distance" couple
    Stick to eating the meals I meal prep
    Use my hot yoga membership
    Kick my mid-terms ass!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)