February 10, 2014

how to make cute little valentine's day goodies!

This Friday is one of my favourite days of the year! Valentine's Day!

How can you not enjoy a day dedicated to LOVE? I mean, really!? It's the best ever. I may be biased since I have someone amazing to love every single day, but for me it's beyond that. It's more about spoiling those you do love and making them feel as special as they are.

Also, any excuse to make cute stuff I always take advantage! :) - Especially if the them is love and/or hearts.

I think in general, it's the little things that count! This year I had a hard time finding cute Valentine's day stuff at some of my go-to spots. I found that the place with the cutest & BEST selection was Target! - I could of got everythinggggg there! SO much cute.

I am going to mail out some little love goodie bags this week, and the rest will be for my cute-as-can-be co-workers! Here is what I am going to put in each bag treat bag :
  • Mini hearts
  • Hello kitty valentine with stickers inside
  • Minnie & Mickey valentine
  • Handmade love envelope with love letter inside
  • Heart shaped chocolate
  • Love themed stickers!
It's so easy to make cutie valentine's for a low price! I made sure to get things that came with a bunch in a package since I knew I was going to make a lotttttt!

Here are some photo's from my LOVE craft station from yesterday!

Who is excited for Valentine's Day!?


  1. This turned out so cute! Amelia might be getting some of these cute little things as a belated V'day care package! : )

  2. eeep! these are the most adorable things ever!


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