May 2, 2014

Love your body, no matter what size.

Happy Friday, Gorgeous!
First things first, please watch the video below :

I was so inspired by this video. As a forever curvy girl myself, this was just perfect. What these women are saying is something really amazing. They are not saying it's not okay to look the way most models look, they are saying it doesn't have to be one extreme or the other. Women are bombarded with this unrealistic view of how your body should or could look from such a young age. At times I am very unhappy with the way I look. I get frustrated and upset and down on myself, and for at least a few minutes - these girls made me feel like it was okay to look the way I do. The girls in this video are absolutely beautiful and I am glad that people are talking about this, and in hopes other girls will feel how I did after watching. Women are beautiful in their own ways, no matter what size. It's not always easy to love the skin you're in, I'm sure any woman can agree with that. But you gotta start somewhere!

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