June 4, 2014

stop waiting.

oh baby, this could not be more fitting for my new mantra!
i have been kinda feeling "meh" lately, which is so sucky and not like me at all.
i've been all should i even blog anymore? or "should i even bother trying to be creative when it seems like everything has been done, twice. but then i realized, DUH! of course i should do all of these things. if i want to see a change in my life in any way, no matter how big or small, i need to MAKE them happen! 
i always loved the quote above and there is no better time than right NOW to start living my life by it! and that makes me really excitedddddd.

we're moving in a few weeks and this is just the start of a new and inspirational adventure!

ps ; got a new sexy mac book air, i'm baaaaack, baby.

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