November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014 + Hello November!

Happy Sunday Y'all ♥ // I am feeling great today! Loving the extra hour of sleep I got :) I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. Mine was great, and most definitely jam packed.

At work, I played Halloween songs for everyone as they came in, we did trick or treating at our desks, a group photo (see above, cutest co-workers ever) and then had a Halloween party after work! This year my day time costume was a gumball machine! It was so much fun and a huge hit. It only costed me about $10 to make too!

At work, our whole office voted on their favourite costume and then we crowned "Mr and Mrs Halloween" which ended up being me and one of my favourite people ever, Marc! Our victory photo is below. Here are a few other photos from my Halloween at work!

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