January 3, 2015

12 best moments from 2014!

12 BEST moments from 2014!

So, 2014 was definitely a good year. I don't think it was the best, but there were definitely a lot of awesome things that happened. It went by really fast, I know that much for sure. Looking back at my year, I feel so thankful for the happiness I felt during these times and so many others.

I came up with 12 of my favourite moments in 2014 to share with you all, 2014 was good to me, and I hope you feel the same way!

Up next : 2015 goals & dreams, my favourite kind of post!

1) NYE Bridesmaid/MC for my besties wedding!
One of my oldest and dearest friends Jenna got married last year on NYE, I was honoured to be both a bridesmaid and an MC for her big day! It was so magical. We had the best time, it was amazing to be there with my oldest friends, my man and even my mom and a lot of our family friends. Incredible way to start 2014!
2) Team Canada wins gold in the olympics!
I absolutely LOVE when the olympics are on. We had so much fun going out to watch Canada do awesome and most of all the best was waking up at the crack of dawn to watch our boys win GOLD with a bunch of pals! We kept the celebration going all day & night!

3) My nephew Jimmy was born!
The Ross fam welcomed a beautiful baby boy in to our lives on April 11th! James John Ross, and he won over our hearts instantly. I love being an aunt so much and this baby boy has brought so much joy in to our lives.
4) World Pride in Toronto!
This year Toronto hosted World Pride and it was absolutely magical. This city painted the town rainbow and it was amazing to see our city come together and support such an incredible event/celebration/party. Felt very proud of this city and so many of my friends and family during this amazing week.

5) Got to MC another wedding for my good bud Paul! 
One of my buddies from high school got married and had myself & one of my bestest pals MC their wedding! This was SO much fun and one of the best weddings we have ever been to.

6) Moved in to a new, bigger, sweeter place!
This was an exciting and unexpected thing that happened for us. In May, while going to Pete's brothers place for a get together, we loved their place and found out there were vacant apartments, and about 3 hours later decided to move in! We LOVE our new place and the neighbourhood is absolute perfection.
7) Went to Punta Cana for work!
In July I got to go on destination for work for the first time in nearly 2 years! I travelled with 100 students from Toronto and they were the best! I had such a fun week in the sun, met some really great people and bonded with my little travellers who were just too cute! An amazing week for sure.

8) Took a road trip to Cleveland!
This was the first year since Pete and I have been together that  we did't have a big trip planned. We wanted to go explore somewhere, somewhere we could drive to and wouldn't cost a fortune, so we headed to Cleveland! We had SO much fun, it's such a cute city and we really enjoyed our few days there. Here's Pete at the cutest Icecream Shop ever.
9) Turned 30!
This was something I wasn't overly excited about but it turned out to be one of my best birthday's yet. From the time I got in to work with tons of flowers, cards and balloons at my desk to when my whole office sang "Hey Jules" to the tune of "Hey Jude" to me (as I balled my eyes out) Kept the celebration going with Bestie Fest where I partied with tons of my pals at our place and then to a bar downtown.

10) New blog launch - Hey Jules!
After close to a year of humming and hawing and trying to decide if I would keep blogging, and if so if I'd change the name of my blog, we finally started getting somewhere in the Summer. My bf Pete, my brother and his boyfriend and I spent hours thinking of names when Pete came up with Hey Jules and it just stuck! I had the amazing Lauren do the design for my new blog, and then headed to BlogPodium (blog conference in toronto) which also got my ass in gear. Hey Jules gave me a lot of wonderful opportunities in 2014, can't wait to see whats to come for 2015
11) Work Summer Conference!
I know for most people when you think of a work conference, you think boringggg! But, that's most definitely not the case for me. I got to be part of planning an incredible 4 day fun fest for all of my incredible co-workers and it was one of the best weeks of the year for me ; from team building, to rez parties, to flip cup, to inspirational speeches, to a beach day at grand bend, to a live band to a toga party - I felt so lucky, as I often do. Here is a photo of me on the inside of a giant friendship jelly roll hug! LOVE my megabuddies!
12) Moved in to a new role at work
My role changed a bit in September as I've now moved in to doing culture and employee engagement full time at work. I get to sit downstairs at reception for the first half of the day which means I get to see, hug, and smile at every single person when they walk in or out of the office. I have a bigger focus on employee happiness and culture and have a lot of big things planned for 2015, this is just the start of so much good to come. I am beyond excited and honoured to do what I do. It makes me happy every day.

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