January 24, 2015

stay at home & love it!

Happy Saturday // Last week of January! Since 2015 began I have been really making more of an effort to relax and stay in, and it's been really nice. Don't get me wrong, we still make plans and have lots going on, but we are making sure we balance all of that with nice relaxing days to just hangout!

As much as I love socializing, and having plans, I equally love staying home. (more so in the winter of course) So I thought I would come up with my top 10 favourite reasons to stay in!

1. Save money!
This is my #1 for obvious reasons! Having more stay in nights really helps save money. If we know we have a really busy week where we will spend money, we tone it down on the weekends and stay in, have friends over or plan for an inexpensive outing! 

2. Start planning a trip!
Work towards your next vacation/adventure. This one goes with the above one, we are currently planning our next trip so before we spend money or make plans, we begin to ask ourselves if we really should or if we'd rather save that cash for our trip. You can use your nights in to start doing research on your destination of choice, make a bucket list and plan out your itinerary !

3. Pamper yourself!
Want to look and feel good without breaking the bank? Draw yourself a bubble bath and enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing. Paint your own nails! Give yourself a pedicure, do a face mask, practice doing your makeup, and moisturize with your prettiest smelling cream!

4. Read some books!
This is a great time to get reading! Take time to cozy up and read your book. Light a candle, make some tea and always put time aside to read. Go to bed an extra 30 minutes earlier and get reading.

5. Start watching a new tv show series!
As soon as you get excited about a new show? What do you want to do? Well, if you're anything like me you like to watch as many episodes in a row as possible, haha. Use Netflix to your advantage and get addicted to your new favourite show. OR maybe even start being obsessed with trashy reality tv shows. For example : I LOVE Monday nights now because the Bachelor is on (lol)

6. Host friends over for dinner & drinks!
If you're making plans with friends for a night out, suggest having them over for dinner, or snacks and drinks instead! Plan ahead so you don't break the bank on hosting, but in the end this will still be way cheaper, and it's nice to stay at home with friends and really get to catch up :)

7. Do some baking!
If you're going to stay in, you might as well bake something absolutely delicious! Look for recipes of treats you have wanted to make forever and stock up on baking supplies. Even better? Make a bunch and bring them to work for your coworkers - they will just LOVE you for it!

8. Make home cooked meals!
You might as well eat something amazing if you are going to stay home. Pete and I have been so good at planning out our meals so that we know what we are making every night. Sunday night we always make a really nice dinner together and enjoy some wine. Meal planning for the week is also awesome and helps make you feel happy and ready for the week to come!

9. Have an unplugged night!
I always feel so great after doing this. Put your phone down, turn off the tv and unplug your computer. I like to putter around and clean, listen to music or play a board game or cards. Usually scrabble! It's fun to make a habit of doing this once a month!

10. Spend time getting crafty &/or creating things
You know that DIY project you have wanted to do forever? Or that unfinished craft you never got around to doing? Dedicate some time to being creative! You might be surprised just how much you love doing this kinda thing.


  1. Hey Jules! :) I work for I Love Travel as a Coordinator but I don't think we've met yet - I just wanted to say how much I love your blog & Instagram feed - everything you post makes me smile!

    1. Hey! Oh no way, that's awesome! Thanks so much for that. Too sweet! Welcome to the I Love Travel family and hopefully I will meet ya soon! :)


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