January 31, 2015

Top 5 reasons I LOVE Toronto

Happy Saturday Y'all ♥

I had a really great week and I hope you had the same! Last night Pete and I took it easy, staying warm and cosy ('cause it's really really cold out) I was snuggled up in my poncho, singing my heart out to my new favourite songza list "feelin' good in the 90's" -  I just finished baking 150 cupcakes for a wedding that turned out quite lovely!

You may of heard me mention a time or two that I have a serious city crush on Toronto. I have posted in the past about some of my favourite places like Little Nicky's, Anice Jewellery, Blush & Bloom Flower Studio and Crywolf

So this is awesome - Toronto was recently ranked the best city to live in the world by the Economist. There are a number of things that cities are rated on like cost of living, safety, global food security etc. But whether we're rated at the top or the bottom, this is my city and I've loved it my whole life.

I grew up just east of the city and as soon as I was old enough I spent my weekends coming to the big city to explore and see what Toronto had to offer. Once I was done working abroad and travelling I knew no matter what I was doing, it had to be something that would allow me to live in a place I love.

& since we're on the topic of Toronto, I thought I'd share my top 5 reasons I love this city :

1. We're a city of neighbourhoods
Toronto is so diverse, and it's one of my favourite things about it. The city is filled with people from all over the world and there are all types of neighbourhoods. From Little Italy, to Parkdale, to Chinatown, to The Beaches, to Kensington Market and everywhere in-between, there are some seriously cool neighbourhoods in this city.

2. We have amazing Bars & Restaurants
I swear every week I walk by a new bar or restaurant in the city, that seems more hip and more awesome than the last. There are so many talented people opening new spots to keep us all stoked to eat and drink there. There are are SO many places on my list to visit and I promise I will share some of them with you all. We've had some wicked awesome experiences eating and drinking around Parkdale lately.

3. Good Vibes
We live in a city with some seriously nice people. Sure there are bad things and crimes that happen like any other major city, but there are so many great people. People are kind and are so proud to live here. Torontonians are proud to boast about their city that's for sure, and I mean...why not?

4. Summer time in the city
Summer in Toronto is my absolute fave. Now that we live in the west end, we spend a lot of our sunny days in Bellwoods park, surrounded by fun, happy people playing frisbee, having drinks and laughs or a picnic birthday party. Everywhere people are enjoying the outdoors, riding their bikes, heading to a dog park, going for a walk along the water or grabbing a delicious cold beverage in a hip neighbourhood with some friends and just loving every second of that sunshine.

5.  Always a new adventure
There is always something going on in Toronto. If you check BlogTO to see what's happening on  any given day you will see events, concerts, festivals, markets and so much more. I love that sometimes we'll go out and explore and not know where we'll end up! I love never being bored and always being able to try something new or go somewhere we've never been.


  1. Looks beautiful. It's definitely on my to-visit list!

    1. AW yay! hope you make it here some day girly!


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