March 3, 2015

Hello March!

Oh hello there & Happy March! Spring comes this month and I could not be more excited about that. It's starting to get warmer here in Toronto (ok, except for the snow storm we had today) but the point is, it's supposed to be above zero this weekend and now I want to frolick in polka dotted dresses!

I am glad February is over, and am so ready to take on March! Let's do this! Here are my March Goals. Do you have any goals this month?!

// read "you are a badass" and become one
// practice & attempt to learn how to play the ukelele
// have my niece ivy over to hangout & watch movies
// have a disney movie night with my besties
// book a manicure
// get some photos printed (for the first time in like, ever)
// fill our home with some fresh flowers and plants
// plan out our trip to ireland&scotland in more detail [56 more days!]

& here is a wrap up of my february goals ; / drink more tea // drink lemon water every day // start filling in my badass blog planner // make a digital print using my font // play scrabble with pete (& beat him again)
// make cute valentines day treat bags // try doing yoga from home // send some cute valentines day snail mail
// read 2 books


  1. These are all the best goals!! Real and so damn cute! I have a Ukulele, I can play one song...I must, must, must learn to do more with it. I've never heard of the badass book but i'm going to have a google now! xxx

    1. Awwww. You are the BEST. Ahhh yes, I want to learn so badly. I love my Uke too, it's a happy face and is so cute. I will let you know if I find any good stuff online about learning!

      Omg girl, you will love this book. I am so in to it. I am hilighting all my favourite parts and will probably read it more than once!

  2. Love the idea of setting myself monthly goals! Good luck with achieving yours :) Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

    1. I love doing it! I have done it most months for the last few years. Really keeps me on track and is a good way to hold yourself accountable :)

      Thanks love! Hope you have an amazing month!


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