April 3, 2015

Hello April - Monthly Goals!

Oh hello there, beautiful.

Happy (Good) Friday! Happy April! Happy Everything! It's been an absolutely insane week for me and I am so happy today is here and I am so looking forward to this Spring-like long weekend. Yesterday I helped plan and execute my work conference and party (with 200 + people) it was an awesome time and such a success but I am looking forward to being able to do a lot of relaxing, goal setting and crafting.

So, April is here! That happened pretty quickly, eh? 

+ start our pring cleaning around our home! (purge, fill donation bags etc)
+ start walking to work again regularly! - now that it's not absolutely freezing out anymore
+ read a new book!
+ finalize all details for our upcoming trip -- 26 more days!
+ make a delicious dessert
+ do an outfit post on my blog 
+ stock up on fresh fruit and veggies every week
+ plan a wonderful 1st birthday party for my baby nephew jimmy


  1. sounds like great goals for the month! I'm planning to do some spring cleaning as well! It feels so good once you finish!

    1. yes! pete and i started yesterday! filled 3 big garbage bags of stuff to donate. feels so good and we've only just begun! <3 xo


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