June 8, 2015

My (DREAM) Wedding Planner - Shop Ban.do

Oh hello there,  + H A P P Y     M O N D A Y!
I've missed you guys, but I am back baby - I'm back. Pete and I had an amazing weekend, jam packed with all the things and all the fun!

So I am in love with all things Shop Ban.do because the bando girls are beautiful unicorns and I want to be besties with all of them. Last year I was legit heart broken to not get one of their 2015 planners, which were so adorable! When I saw that I could sign up to pre-order a 2016 planner I was ALL over it, and then when I saw you could also buy them at Chapters, I decide to go back and get the large planner!

This planner is honestly PERFECT and all of the things I love! And since I am planning a wedding and will have a lot going on in the next year, I decided to use this as my wedding planner ♥ - it's just so lovely.

The floral pattern is too cute, and I love the stickers, inspirational quotes and all of the extra added touches to add to the overall happiness and cuteness of one planner.

Now I gotta start filling this up! First thing to add? 
OUR WEDDING DAY: May 28th, 2016 (!!!!!)


  1. This planner looks PERFECT for you! So much color and such a great design. I'll have to look into getting myself one. And yay for picking a wedding date! :) So happy for you and your fiancé!

    1. It is the best!!! You should get one for sure! Great investment...and so much cute!

      Thanks so much love, we are so excited

  2. Yay!! Wedding planning time!! I can't wait to hear and see everything!! Make sure you take lots of photos of everything you do. I love this planner, I love Ban.Do. I so wish we had one anywhere near us or at least an online shop in the UK (it costs a small fortune to ship to us from USA). xx

    1. omg SO excited! awwww thanks so much, I will most definitely document all my planning :) - and omg Ban.Do is the besssst! If I see one I can get it for you, which design do you like best? xoxox

  3. How cute is that!! But dear planning a wedding is not that easy. You need to pay attention to each and every little detail. I think you should hire the best wedding planner nyc for your wedding arrangements. He’ll reduce your work to an excess!

  4. This planner sounds perfect for your wedding!! I admire your choice. My sister is also very busy nowadays in her wedding planning. Currently she is making a list of the best SF event venues. If you have any suggestion then please share!

  5. Great...Love your wedding concept and arrangements!!
    The Event Affairs is also a best wedding planners in India to make wedding royal & luxury.


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