July 10, 2015

Instagram Crushes!

It's no secret that I legit love Instagram, it has become (by far) my favourite social media platform and an awesome place to share creative and fun photo's that document my life adventures! I've "met" so many amazing people while exploring the platform and the reason I love it, is because for me, it's such a positive, creative and inspiring space. You choose to follow people who make you smile, want to try new things, and provide you with beautiful photo's from around the world! I truly feel that my account reflects who I am and how I live my life! If you don't follow me yet, let's be besties!
@julierosschristmas is my account, so let's get on this.

I thought it would be fun to do a round up of my top 5 Instagram crushes of the moment! These girls are honestly the cutest, sweetest, most inspiring creative babes! I have so many favourites but for now I chose 5 accounts that I am legit CRUSHIN' on! If you don't follow these girls already, please do because they will most definitely inspire you and make you smile ♥
Ok, so Blythe is the cutest most colourful girl EVER, and to put a cherry on top of it, she's from Toronto! I get so stoked when I find amazing people to follow on Instagram that are from Toronto as well, it's fun to see them share the same loves of places around the city as me. Blythe and her boyfriend are currently backpacking through Europe so there will be tons of adorable creative updates coming from her in upcoming months! Her official hashtag of the trip is #BRtakeeurope

Toni from Lemon Freckles is the cutest, sweetest gal ever and not only are we instagram friends but we've become pen pals too! I think if we lived in the same city we would most definitely be besties! Lemon Freckles is a cute, VERY colourful inspirational place on the internet and I adore it. Toni makes the cutest, most adorable cards and goodies over at her shop has a sweet blog that I also love. One of my fave girls, hands down!
Lucy loves ya is another great, fun and colorful Instagram account. Lucy just has an eye for beautiful things and shares them all while telling a story. So many amazing photo's of her colourful adventures that make you wish you were there! Her photo's make me want to visit the places she goes! She's also got a blog that is cute as can be, AND she has the same name as my Mom so that makes me love her automatically!

Ok Nicola is just too cute, I adore her because she has the same love for all things cute as I do! She's an artist and her photo's are all so beautiful and perfect! She posts such adorable things and has such an inspiring account. She lives in Kent and is a lover of happy, sweet and of course cute things! She's also got a beautiful blog that you should check out too! I just want to hangout with her!

Sara's Instagram is like an explosion of colour and I legit love every second of it. She tells such a story with her crisp beautiful photo's and her account makes me so happy. You will fall in love with this adventurous, colourful account that is full of life! I just recently started following Sara and she quickly became one of my favourite new influencers! She also has an adorable blog that I recently fell in love with!  I mean a pink stem pineapple? Yes please!

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