July 20, 2015

motivation monday - make it happen!

Do you ever have one of those moments where things just kind of click and you think to yourself, what am I waiting for? What is stopping me from doing what I love, or going that extra mile and making it happen? Well, I do, and I just did. I am not even talking about something so specific, but more so a number of things in my life that I want to do and succeed at. When I saw this make it happen notebook I knew I was ready to fill it with amazing ideas, and possibilities. 

I tend to have so many ideas and goals/dreams that I don't even know where to start. I will get so excited and motivated to make this blog something truly amazing, but then I will feel bummed out and not make time to work on my posts. I have wanted to start an Etsy shop and make some prints of my typography, but I never seem to actually follow through. Well, I am officially over thinking like I can't accomplish all of the things I want to do, so who is with me to just start CRUSHING it and making things happen?

5 ways to make it happen! 
1) Make goals for yourself - This is a big one that helps you stay motivated. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I always have a list of goals that I want to complete. I create a list of monthly goals, and bucket lists to help keep me on track and trying new things. Setting goals helps make you feel accountable for your actions. Physically writing them down always helps me too! I like to post them up and actually cross them off. Sharing them on your blog is great too!

2) Always be learning - This is something I've been focusing on more so lately. I have found so many awesome blogs, pod costs, websites and books to keep me on track and continue to learn. I think that taking the time to learn something new every day is such a simple and amazing goal!  I favour tweets of interesting or motivational articles on twitter, save a note in my phone or in my notebook about a book I want to read or a blog to check out. Learning is fun!

3) Find your motivation - I think finding out what really motivates you to be the best version of you is huge. I have so many different motivators! Pete is one if my biggest ones because he supports and encourages me every day. Finding a special spot where you can create, brainstorm and get to work is motivating! Always surrounding yourself with wonderful, inspiring people who love and support you is probably one of the biggest motivators.

4) Make time to do what you love - Life gets busy, really busy - there's no doubt about it. The older we get, the more responsibilities and "grown up" things we need to make time for. But the truth is, we can ALWAYS make time do the things we truly love. Sometimes people ask me how I find time to do the things I love like blogging, crafting and having a jam packed weekend. For me, it's so important to plan my days and weeks around doing the things that make me really happy. Whether it's going to a coffee shop on my lunch break to fill my notebook with ideas, or staying up late in bed to finish a blog post I definitely do my best to always make time. 

5) Stop making excuses - I will admit that I am one to sometimes make excuses for myself. I get discouraged when seeing other successful creatives and bloggers, feeling like what I do or create isn't as good, or good enough. This is no way to  live! There's nothing standing in the way of you and the things you truly love to do. I am going to promise to take my own advice in the next few weeks while truly taking time to gather my thoughts and set some goals!

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  1. I SOSOSO needed to read this post! I've been procrastinating so many things in my life, and until recently I didn't have the motivation to do any of them. Now I have an awesome new planner (from Bando - which you introduced me to, actually!), and a ton of great things to plan and schedule, so I know I'm going to stay motivated. My boyfriend is my biggest motivator - he knows I need to do what makes me happy and he's always pushing me to do my best and follow my dreams. I also love reading books, blogs and listening to podcasts - I find that when I see successful, motivated people doing the things they want to be doing, I think to myself, "Why CAN'T I do that?" and then I just DO! I'm done making excuses, and this post really reminded me of the reasons why life is getting so much better for me! Thanks!!! :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)