July 5, 2015

oh hello july!

h e l l o  +  h a p p y  s u n d a y!

// I can't even believe that it's July! The first few days flew by so I am finally getting around to posting my goals for this month. I've been doing monthly goals (almost always) for the last few years.  It helps keep me on track, keeps me motivated and encourages me to try new things! I like to hang up a sheet of paper in my craft room as a reminder throughout the month. (had a bit of a craft day making the weathers posted above for pride!)

Do you set monthly goals for yourself? If not, why not try some for July or August? It can be something so small and simple, or something you have wanted to do forever! Regardless of what is on your list, it always feels nice to be constantly accomplishing things! Below are some of my goals for this month and a wrap up of my June goals!

July Goals:
- go to see a movie
- mail out our save the dates
- try a new recipe + make dinner for pete
- do a nice big one year anniversary clean of our place
- work on a media kit for my blog
- go try on wedding dresses
- go to st.lawrence market!
- have a crafternoon

Set up my fit bit // get fit - got going on the fit bit! liking it so far!
♥  Create and post my Summer Bucket List! - it's all done and posted
Book our wedding venue! - yessss, this has been confirmed!
Officially ask my Bridesmaids to be a part of our special day - did it, they all said yes!
Bust out my Summer Dresses + Summer Everything - summer dresses in the houseeee!
♥ Read at least one book from my current reading list - been reading too many things to finish just one book!
Stick to some daily health/fitness goals I've set for myself - working on it!
♥ Host some friends over for drinks/hangouts - it was too busy, we were barely home all month


  1. The entire Summer just seems to be whizzing by... and I am not happy about it! I feel like I haven't done anything yet!! You're doing great with your list so far and putting me to shame hahaa

    1. omg i know, it's already almost mid july! hehe, thanks love! can;t wait to see your list!


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