January 18, 2016

2016 goals!

(happy) blue monday ♥

It's January 18th already, and it's the day known as "Blue Monday" which they say is the saddest day of the year. Well, today wasn't so bad. Sure, it was absolutely freezing and snowy and tough to wake up this morning, but my hubby-to-be is home and I am beyond happy about that!

I read an article today that talked about why this day was named Blue Monday and one of the reasons was that this was the day where peoples resolutions or goals start to fall apart, and I thought "but I haven't even posted mine yet"

When it comes to goals and lists, I am so in to it that I am a total perfectionist. I won't publish or share something until it's exactly how I want it! And when coming up with my goals for the year, it took me a little while longer than usual. This is a really big year for me! I am marrying the love of my life! I've been adding things to the list and it will continue to grow. These aren't resolutions, but goals, ways I want to enhance my life and make sure this is another amazing year filled with the best memories!

This is the third year I've decided to also have a "word of the year" The first year it was dedication, last year it was gratitude and this year my word is perseverance!  I really like it! 

Happy 2016, let's absolutely crush it this year! 
  1. steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
    "his perseverance with the technique illustrates his single-mindedness"

  1. 2016 GOALS♥
- less time in front of a screen
- less time on my phone
- more kisses (to and from pete, duh!)
- always be learning, read books, articles, blogs & be inspired
- create new prints & grow my etsy shop
- host more people over at our home
- spend time outside, always
- explore toronto when ever we can
- marry the love of my life
- take more photo's with my DSLR camera
- listen to more podcasts
- go to a drunk feminist films
- eat more fruits and vegetables
- go on more brunch dates
- connect with more amazing people using social media
- think of useful, thoughtful, creative blog posts
- create prints that i love and am proud of
- plan the most amazing wedding ever
- make a media kit and reach out to brands i love
- spend more time in my craft room
- write more letters
- take more bubble baths
- spend more time with my niece and nephew
- practice meditation
- take a dance class (specifically the justin bieber sorry one, or beyonce)
- go to the states and go to target (and literally buy everything)
- challenge myself constantly
- finish things i start
- go on bike rides this summer
- spend days reading books in bellwoods
- discover new music
- plan more cottage weekends
- visit new coffee shops & cafes in toronto
- walk to work more often
- have a guest blogger, be a guest blogger
- go to vegas with my best friends in the world
- play more board games
- have dinner at a 50's diner
- learn to play ukulele


  1. This is a great list! I share a few goals; wedding ones, and the screen time ones especially! My word for the year is focus, meaning less clutter and distractions and more things that actually mean things to me.
    Oh and do a Beyography dance classes by Nicky Nasrallah - it's amazing. New respect to Queen Bee though afterwards - serious skill.

  2. Omg I would love to go to Target with you! I live about 8 hours from Toronto - we could make it a day trip! haha <3 also - you're always welcome to guest blog with me, I'll send you an email! Sounds like your 2016 will be amazing! Can't wait to see your wedding photos!! <3


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)