January 10, 2016

Best Moments of 2015

Oh hello there + Happy Sunday! Pete and I had a really lovely weekend and and we're now snuggled up watching The Golden Globes (Oh how I love award shows!)

I realized it's already January 10th and I hadn't done my post reflecting on 2015, nor my 2016 goals. So, time to get my butt in gear and talk about one of my favourite years to date!

A lot of really awesome things happened in 2015, with the number one thing being GETTING ENGAGED to the love of my life! On May 5th Pete asked me to marry him and officially made me the happiest girl alive! You can read my blog post about our engagement here - definitely my favourite trip yet ♥

We explored Ireland & Scotland (magical), I got chosen to host the 30 Day Etsy Challenge and open up my own shop in 30 days which was the most amazing experience, I decided to fly across the country to surprise my beautiful friend on her wedding day (two days before the wedding), seeing Sir.Paul McCartney for the second time (died), got some really adorable engagement photos, got to spend lots of time with bf's/bridesmaids, did the CN tower edge walk, had one of the most awesome weekends ever at our cabin for perfect fall weather.

I guess what I am saying is that 2015 was a REALLY good year and I hope it was for you too! Here are some snaps from the year.

First photo of Pete and I as an engaged couple, in Connemara Ireland:
Incredible views on our drive from Galway to Connemara, Ireland:
One of the professional shots from our Etsy shoot:
Two of my beautiful friends Jordan & JT, they are pure magic:
Some of my Beatles Fan Girl knick knacks:
Pete & I browsing some pop records for our Engagement Photoshoot:
The most special people ever, my fam at our autumn cabin weekend:
Just before Blair and I did the CN Tower Edge Walk (scariest thing i've ever done):

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