January 29, 2009


i had a good day today.
i went to the gym, and cleaned my grandpa and grandma's place
oh, and finished season 2 of entourage, i need season 3 nowish.

tonight will be good times, we are taking a party bus to strangelove, for dance like you f$ck for richie's birthday!
i'm excited to party/dancedance with friends i haven't seen in a long while, also i haven't drank or partied in a while.
many photo's to come, don't you worry.

so, the rest of my post is dedicated to f-ing awesome girls who rock & have sick style.
some of my style icons for suuuuure ;
girl crushin' on all of these badass, talented, fashionista's! ;

katy perry!

lilly allen!



emily haines!


jenny lewis!!!

kate nash!

patience hodgson!

zoey deschanel!

the pipettes!



MANCHESTER UNITED CUPCAKES! i juuuust about died when i saw these. my boyfriend is the biggest man u fan ever, and i am so going to make these for him. it just goes to show you, you can bake cupcakes for any occasion, or any reason! these are just adorable. babeeee, i'm gonna make them for you someday ok? <3

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