January 26, 2009

i kindof like monday today.

i had a wonderful weekend, (of course i did...pete was here!)
saturday was nice and relaxing, we just hungout all day, played lots of wii (we just got it!) and i was the bowling champ! hahaha
we watched the skills competition, it was amazing obvs. sunday we got to spend lots of time together, aw he's my favourite ever. i had a ringette game in newmarket, it was a great game, we only had 8 players (and we didn't win) but we played awesome and that's the moral of the story. after my game, my brother (dave) was at our house, and we headed over to my aunt and uncles for dinner to celebrate and early birthday for my grampy. in other news - i may be going to florida at some point in february. my grandma and grandpa want to go and visit my aunt & uncle in their condo but are a bit scared to fly & such, so if they go, they will take me along with them to make sure they are okay! cuuuute.

it was so nice knowing i didn't have to work today, everything will be fine as long as i keep busy. i just cleaned my kitchen, now i am watching a few episodes of entourage before i work on my bedroom.

i am excited to see my bff tonight and go to the bellydancing class, should be hilarious times for sure.

so, since i have the time (clearly) hahaha. i am going to do my first featured friend!


of course i wanted to make my first featured friend my bestest friend ever CARLY MAC. - we've been friends since hmm about grade 1 i'd say. we went to elementary and highschool together. in the last 6 (or so) years especially, we have become so close. she is the sweetest, most kind girl i know. she is a nurse in toronto, and anyone who would have her take care of them would be so lucky. she is always looking out for me (and everyone), she's like the mom of our group! she has a heart of gold, and if you ask anyone they'll say carly is the nicest & sweetest girl they know. she just got engaged to derek (who is totally awesome, and perfect for her) and i'm the maid of honour, and could not be happier about that! carly maclean, you are the BEST friend ever.

i am loving my tea everyday, i want to go to england and drink it 5 times a day out of a cute teapot/teacup set.

i think i am going to order some business cards online this week, just so i have something when people are asking me about my cupcakes etc. it will be perfectttt - and then (hopefully) once i get my act together i will get some other ones made.

if you are reading this, comment! and also, do you have a blog? let me know and i will link you from my page! :)


omfg! i want this so badddd. how friggin cute? with all the little untensils too! totally adorable, and i would love to add it to my collection of cupcake jewellery! (you can never have too much!) cupcake blingggg.


  1. YOUR BLOG IS TOO CUTE. haha, I'm excited to see your business cards!

  2. i'm reading! i used to read your livejournal, and you're a really interesting person, so i thought i'd come find you over here too.

    i don't like having to visit 18 different blogs all over the place, so i made an lj feed for your new blog here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/littlemissparty/

    and i also thought i'd link you to another blog that i think would be right up your alley: http://galadarling.com/

    she's a pretty big blogger from australia, currently living in nyc, that's into fashion, cupcakes, crafts, and fabulousness, as you also seem to be. :p


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)