January 18, 2009

is there anybody going to listen to my story?

these are my new glasses. :)

sunday nights are always really relaxing for me. i love getting organized, cleaning up, drinking a tea, and getting crafty. (a perfect way to end a perfect weekend)

i headed up to st.catharines right from work on friday and arrived around 8ish. pete and i had a wonderful dinner at the keg! we were ballin' for sure. we had the nicest waitress ever, her name was janet! and since it is julie ross tradition, i made sure i told the manager how great she was.

friday night we just relaxed and i passed out early because i love sleeping. saturday we hungout and then my wonderful boyfriend made me a nice stirfry dinner :) - we watched the hockey game (i hate when the leafs don't play on saturday) and then we started drinking. played a couple games of beer pong, although i played with wine (bad idea). we ended up going to the bar around midnight, it was so cold and snowy, ugh i am hating this weather right now so bad!

today we just hung around and i headed home around 2:30. i always hate leaving, but this time won't be so bad. (i only have to wait 5 sleeps). i spent my whole ride home reading confessions of a shopaholic (okay, i just had to!)

now i am just relaxing and am about to get ready for bed.

so, i decided to save the best for last! ;;
MY BESTFRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED!!! carly and derek have been together for 6 years and on saturday derek proposed to her. i could not be happier for both of them. i know that derek is perfect for her and that makes me so happy! carly asked me to be her maid of honour, and i am gleaming from ear to ear about it. i love her so much, she is seriously the best friend ever.

so many weddings coming up! yeyeyyeye.

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