January 8, 2009

i've got the sniffles.

i was sick from work today. i don't call in sick often - but i woke up feeling horrible. i spent the majority of my day sleeping, watching re-runs of the OC and drinking green tea from my nice new cupcake mug.

i will continue to rest up for the rest of the day - and then depending on how i feel i might make some "best ever banana muffins". it's my grandma's recipe, and i hope i can atleast come close to making them as good as she did.

this weekend will be nice and relaxing ; a weekend full of cupcake baking actually (how perfect). saturday is my cousins 3rd birthday and i baking her some pink & purple dora cupcakes.& then sunday is my bff's baby katie's first birthday! - so of course i am baking her some sweet polka-dot pink 1st birthday <3 (i will take some photos of them and post them)

our first ringette game didn't go as planned, but i will not get discouraged! i've got a couple weeks left at work before i get a break of about a month - and then i will most likely be going back. i hope to go back on the ship eventually, but am waiting for pete to be done school because we hope to do a contract together, which would be just perfect.

i signed up for guitar lessons, they start on january 25th, so i am really looking forward to that. pete taught me how to play "anyone else but you" on guitar, i still haven't perfected it but i am sure he is getting sick of hearing me attempt to play it, but he's a good boyfriend so he doesn't chirp me too much.

i might go take a bubble bath with my christmas bathbomb, and then perhaps watch some saved by the bell on dvd, and start my new scrapbook that i am making for katie.

hope everyone is well and keeping their spirits up during the worst month everrrrr.


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  1. I'm sick from work today-and this is the cutest thing I've ever read!



you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)