January 21, 2009

try to see it my way.

sup cuties?
do you like my new cupcake background? totally cute right?

so, this friday i am done work. for SIX WEEKS. i will go back for the next set of registration in march, but in the mean time i'm not going to get a job for like, a month. but i want to use my time very wisely while i have so much of it. i have decided to set quite a few goals for myself over the couple weeks i have

a couple of them are ;

- really get to work on starting my own business, research grants, business cards, etc etc.
- start making (& perhaps selling) my own crafty things
- bake cupcakes and sell them to people for special occasions

& my favourite one

i am going to try and do a craft/art type project/something creative every day in FEB ; the month of LOVE.
(although somedays i may do more than one, and other days nothing...)

i will post lot's of photo's of my things that i make.

some other cute & exciting things i am going to do to spice up my bloggy ;

NEW ***

CUPCAKE OF THE DAY - every post i will post a photo & brief explanation of something cupcakey, whether it's one(s) i have baked, something i found online, something that looks CUTE etc.

also ..

FEATURED FRIEND - i am going to pick one of my friends every couple entries and post a picture and write something special about them. i have so many amazing friends and i might as well show them off right?

geesh, could this be ANY more exciting? i mean, really. heHEheHE.

so, how CUTE are these? i want everything on etsy, i swear ;

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  1. ahhhh i love cupcakes, i love your cute blog and most of all, i love YOU!!

    i love your ideas. i want to open a shop too! i just gotta keep dreaming...or win the lottery. ho hum!

    i want everything on etsy too...my visa card has taken a beating lately. eek!!

    also. you could totally make those cute shoes. looks like they just used a pair of those cheapy $3 chinatown mary jane flats and added the cupcakes...you can do that!

    i wish i had 6 weeks off, i would totally do a craft a day as well, we could do it together. unfortunatley i definitely don't have time for that. starting feb 16th though i'm doing elsies online class which i'm sooo stoked for! AND my mums giving me her sewing machine, eeeee :D


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)