January 13, 2009

wade belakkkkkkk.

ugh, i am so totally over winter. i mean, yeah i love snow and everything, but that's more so before christmas. you know, when you get that warm feeling while you watch those big white fluffly pieces of love fall from the sky? ahaha. but really, i want it to be summer, everything awesome happens then, and this one will be sweet because if all goes as planned, i will spend may and june in bermuda and come home for july & august - sweet deal eh?

who wants to go white water rafting this summer? i really want to do that, and do all sorts of adventourous things.

oh right, so my blog...

here are the things i will talk about today -
1) my new glasses
2) valentine's day
3) new haircut?
4) tea
5) the penguin book of christmas stories.

my new glasses! :

so, i've been searching for the perfect glasses for the last few months. i saw this one pair when i was shopping with pete around christmas. nice big cute ray ban's -mmm. i continued my search but i was never quite as in love with another pair. so after a couple weeks of going in, trying them on, and then leaving thinking -"aw , i really like those" i went in today, and treated myself (nerd alert) to some new glasses. they are like the ones in the photo but they are tortoise shell.

valentine's day ;

i do think it is very commercial and you should love everyone everyday blah blah blah. however, i must admit then when you have a really sweet boyfriend you like valentine's day a bit more. this is the first year in a couple that i haven't been negative towards the day of hearts, and that being because i couldn't be happier. i'm looking forward to doing lots of cute and crafty things for my boy, and i also have a really good idea for my suprise gift. i already tried to get leaf tickets but couldn't.shit.

new haircut ;

first off, my hair is so frigging long now, omg i am in love with it being long. i wanted to wait it out and get my fab to cut it, but i am going through a phase where i hate my bangs so much that it needs to be done asap. so, i am going with my mom on thusday to her hair dressers to get a trim and some new bangs. see photo for intended result.

tea ;

i so love tea, i swear i could have 5 a day. green is by far my favourite (esp from tim hortons) but i do like to try different kinds to spice things up. i tried the new tea from tim hortons and it is simply wonderful, i believe it's called white blueberry, and let me tell you...ooooh. i always feel better after a cup a tea and i like it best out of my huuuge cupcake mug or my "i love ringette" mug.

penguin book of christmas stories ;

my brother got me this book for christmas. he works at penguin books! and he always gets me books he knows i will like, and he's right every time. the best books i've read have been ones that he gave to me or suggested for me to read. i am enjoying my christmas stories very much so far, and i am sure there will be more good stories to come. it's kindof nice to read after christmas for some reason.

okay fine, that's enough for tonight, the leafs are on.

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